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It’s A Wrap: 2265 Bloor West OMB Mediation

Last week was busy. We had more than a hundred people out to the OMB pre-hearing on January 6th. Thank you again for everyone’s support. Sarah Doucette, Cheri DiNovo and Peggy Nash were there lending their support and we even had a celebrity in our midst! Andrea Martin attended as a local resident passionate about responsible development. A little “star power” never hurts!

Although the majority of us were excused very early in the day, it was vitally important that this show of force was made and we really appreciate everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend the Pre-Hearing. 110 participants registered at the meeting and they may have an opportunity to have their voices heard later in the process.

Mediation began on Tuesday Jan 6th and concluded on Wednesday January 7th. We are now awaiting a report by City Legal to be presented to City Council, hopefully in February. Confidentiality protocols prevent us from saying any more about the mediation until the report is made public, but we do feel positively about the process. At this point we are unable to share anymore details. As soon as we can share more, we will let you know.

Huge Turnout to 2265 Bloor OMB Pre-Hearing

The OMB Pre-Hearing and Mediation started this morning (January 6th) with a packed room of supporters. The 50 person room was well over capacity with people crowded in and overflow into the hallways. Many took the time to officially register as Participants.

Thank you to everyone that took important time to attend. The size of the crowd spoke volumes about the importance of this building to Bloor West Village.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Complete the Pre-Hearing (today). This establishes the Parties, Participants, and Procedural order. You can read more about them here. Anyone that signed the forms at the hearing will be registered as a Participant.
  2. Mediation – a team from BWVRA & SARA along with our professional team will work with representatives from the City and Developer to attempt to reach a compromise. That process can last through to Friday. If it fails, a Hearing date will be set.
  3. Hearing [if required] If a Hearing is required, it will be scheduled at a future date. Anyone registered as a Participant can speak at the Hearing.

Goal Reached: $40,000 Raised for 2265 Bloor

We’ve met our immediate goal and raised over $40,000 heading to the OMB January 6th! What a great way to start off the new year!

Thank you to the more than 300 people that contributed to this campaign. Our professional team is well setup for the pre-hearing and mediation process that starts on January 6th.

By January 10th, we will know if OMB Mediation has resulted in an acceptable agreement or if a full OMB Hearing will be scheduled. At that point, we will have a better idea of whether $40,000 is going to be sufficient to ensure community input to 2265 Bloor Street. In the meantime, there is no downside to having money in the bank if you believe that responsible development requires community input!

Our fund raising campaign will continue – stay tuned for more information.