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Donate Now: 2265 Bloor at OMB January 6th, 2015

PLEASE DONATE to help raise $30,000 to pay for legal and planning professionals to represent residents’ interests at the January OMB hearing for this development.

2265 Bloor Street West Going to OMB Jan 6th

We now have a date for the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing for 2265 Bloor Street West: January 6th, 2015.

The development proposed for the southwest corner of Bloor & Durie will set the precedent for all future developments in the Village and could be approved as early as January by the Ontario Municipal Board.

If you love this neighbourhood and want to see community input into this development, then act now!

  • PLEASE DONATE to help raise $30,000 to pay for legal and planning professionals to represent residents’ interests at the January OMB hearing for this development
  • Represent Bloor West Village at OMB: write to Sandra Chan at the OMB and ask for Participant Status (read more about what that means here)
    • We’ve prepared a email template that you can send before December 1st. Please copy swansearatepayers@bell.net so we can track the applications.
  • Spread the word about this development and fundraising effort. Download this flyer.

Facts about the Bloor/Durie Development Proposal:

  • When a developer goes to the OMB, the OMB will frequently approve a development – even in a case such as this where both the City and residents oppose the development and argue against it at the OMB hearing.
  • This development will set a precedent for future developments in Bloor West Village. It could also set a precedent for developers believing that the way to conduct business in Bloor West Village is to simply ignore residents and take their proposals straight to the OMB.
  • The City and local residents’ associations have opposed this proposal, and will argue against it at the January OMB hearing, citing that the proposed building:
    • is 9-­‐stories tall + mechanical in a location that is currently zoned for up to 4-­‐stories
    • has no set-­‐back to provide relief from the shadowing of the sidewalks on both sides of Bloor St.
    • encroaches on the neighbourhood to the South, calling for demolition of a house in Swansea
    • offers a design that does not respect the character of the neighbourhood
  • Additional concerns:
    • crowding in local public schools
    • increased traffic, and
    • increased pressure on transit
  • Local residents’ associations have had past success at the OMB and we have solid legal and planning arguments to put before the OMB that we believe will improve this development.

We love Bloor West Village, and we know you do too!

  • New development, if properly managed with community input, is an opportunity to improve our area.
  • However, when a developer chooses not to work with the community – it is time to act!


Fourth Condo Proposed! Attend Preliminary Consultation 2117 Bloor Street West

Main and Main Developments has sent out an invitation (Preliminary Consultation Session- Notification Flyer – 2117 Bloor Street West) to attend a preliminary consultation session for a proposed redevelopment project at 2117 Bloor Street West (and 19 Harcroft Road). Details:

This is a meeting that our local councillor, Sarah Doucette, encourages developers to hold before submitting their application to the city. While the developers of 2265 Bloor Street West refused, it is helpful that Main and Main Developments will invest the time to share what is being proposed. This gives residents a preview of what is planned and the opportunity to provide some early input. Since the application isn’t submitted, city staff in attendance can only answer general questions. The proponent will answer questions about the proposal.

This is consistent with our expectation that developers will focus on Bloor West Village and create a Canyon of Condos.

Here is the proposed location. It is across the street from the proposed condo at 2114 Bloor Street West in the empty lot. Based on 19 Harcroft Road being in the project address, it is likely the developers intend on removing the house adjacent to the empty lot, potentially similar to the approach at 2265 Bloor Street West where a neighbourhood house is removed to make room for larger buildings that still technically meet the maximum criteria in the mid-rise guidelines. Attend the meeting to find out.

This brings the total number of proposed or approved developments in Bloor West Village to four:

  1. 1990 Bloor Street West [settled at OMB]
  2. 2114 Bloor Street West [paused by the Developer]
  3. 2665 Bloor Street West [community council voted to oppose at OMB; no date set]
  4. 2117 Bloor Street West [application not yet submitted]



Vote Success: Community Council 2265 Bloor Street West

You’ll be pleased to hear that, at the Etobicoke Community Council Meeting on Tuesday this week the motion was passed to have the Planning Department attend the OMB and object to the planned development at 2265 Bloor Street West. Included with this motion was the amendment that our Community must be consulted in all future discussions regarding this development.
You’ll be even more pleased to hear that, on the basis of the presentation made by Nancy LeBlanc and by all of the letters and faxes (53 electronic letters!) that were sent in by Residents objecting to the development, the Community Council accepted her recommendation that they send a motion to the OMB requesting them to disregard any and all submissions regarding the planned development at 2265 Bloor Street West until such time as an Area Study that’s being scheduled for Bloor West Village can be completed, reviewed and accepted.
Here is the agenda item and the details of the resolutions: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2014.EY35.11
Also, here is a copy of the email from Sarah Doucette:

Our neighborhood has taken the next step in the fight to stop the condo at 2265 Bloor Street West. Yesterday I convinced my colleagues on the Etobicoke-York Community Council to unanimously support my motion to oppose the condo proposal at the OMB. I am already working on the next step, winning the vote at the full Council meeting on August 24.

Together we have developed a vision for Bloor West Village as a greener, walkable, family-friendly community, with businesses that meet neighbours’ needs, and buildings in tune with the character of our low-rise, bricks-and-mortar neighbourhood. I’ve oppose 2265 Bloor because it would take us in the opposite direction.

Bloor West Village is not just a commercial strip. This proposal sets a dangerous precedent for a style of development that would destroy what has made the Village great – a village feeling and connection between the businesses and the neighbours. That relationship has made Bloor West and Swansea wonderful places to live and has made the Village a great place to run a business.

City planners agree with our vision and had recommended that the City oppose the development. We added two community amendments to the staff report.  First, I’ve ensured that our local resident associations would be consulted on any working groups or site plan control applications that may arise from the proposed development.  It is vital that residents are consulted throughout this process, as it is we, the local residents, who will be living with the results of these decisions.

Secondly, Community Council directed the City Solicitor to request an adjournment of the OMB hearing until after the area study I proposed is complete. In 2012 I got City Council to agree to do an area study for Bloor West Village.  Earlier this year it was upgraded to an area study for all of Bloor Street West in our ward.

This development once again highlights that the OMB is an unfair appeals system. I am a strong supporter of MPPs’ private members’ bills that would remove the OMB’s jurisdiction over Toronto. City Council supports this position and it has editorial support from the Toronto Star. The OMB is letting developers erode the Village character; the Premier needs to listen.

I would like to ask for your help in this ongoing battle. Can you please email Premier Wynne at premier@ontario.ca and Ted McMeekin, the Minister of Municipal Affairs at minister.mah@ontario.ca and tell them Toronto doesn’t need the OMB.

Finally I want to thank all the community members who have been working for better planning in Ward 13. The continued success of Toronto rests on more than just building more gleaming towers; it’s about ensuring development preserves what made this city livable and desirable in the first place – strong and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Best regards,


Sarah Doucette
Toronto City Councillor, Ward 13