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2265 Bloor OMB Mediated Settlement Approved

A mediated settlement for the 2265 Bloor St. W. development at Bloor/Durie was approved by the OMB on Tuesday, April 7th. We believe it is a far better building for our community than was originally proposed. Thank you for your generosity and involvement in advocating for responsible development in our neighbourhood!

Your four local resident associations, (Bloor West Village Residents Association, Swansea Area Ratepayers Association, High Park Residents Association and the Old Mill Humbercrest Neighbourhood Association) worked closely with legal and planning professionals throughout the OMB Mediation process to arrive at the mediated settlement presented visually in the illustrations and outlined in detail in Schedule “A” of the Minutes of Settlement, both listed below.

Highlights of the significant “wins” for our community:

  • The building will be 25 metres tall instead of 30 metres, as originally proposed.
  • The mechanical room is now incorporated into the top residential floor of the building for a much approved appearance.
  • The traditional 2 storey profile on Bloor Street is now reflected in five well articulated window bays on the Bloor Street facade.
  • The proposed encroachment of the condominium building into the residential neighbourhood has been eliminated and 116 Durie will be reconstructed as a residence with rental apartments.
  • Entrance to underground parking is now directly off Durie Street, eliminating most of the potential rear lane traffic behind homes on Ostend Ave.
  • Commercial underground parking has been significantly reduced.
  • Truck access behind the building is much improved, eliminating the need for maneuvering on Durie St. and backing into the loading bay.
  • We came together as a community prepared to fight for responsible development in our neighbourhood and organized effectively to do just that.

Minutes of Settlement SCHEDULE “A”

1. The Settlement Proposal consists of the Development Proposal with the following revisions:

(a) The mechanical penthouse and the 8th storey of the mid-rise building shall be removed, reducing the building height from 27 m measured to the top of the 8th storey and 30 m measured to the top of the mechanical penthouse to a total height of 25 m measured to the top of the 7th storey.

(b) Projections above the 25 m height limit shall be restricted to a maximum height of 1.2 m and shall be identified in the Zoning By-law amendment (“ZBL”).

(c) The ZBL shall restrict the permitted building height to 25 m, excluding permitted projections, and 7 storeys excluding the mezzanine located between the 1st and 2nd storeys, and the ZBL shall include a definition of “storey” which shall exclude a mezzanine located between the 1st and 2nd storeys.

(d) The rear (south) wall of the first storey of the portion of the mid-rise building located east of the loading space shall be shifted south by up to 1.85 m, and a terrace shall be located above the 1.85 m projection of the 1st storey, all as depicted on the Ground Floor Plan and Section A attached to these Minutes of Settlement.

(e) The 7.5 m wide driveway leading to the loading space and parking ramp shall be reduced in width to 4.8 m east of the loading space, and the parking ramp shall be relocated to take access directly from Durie Street, all as shown on the Ground Floor Plan attached to these Minutes of Settlement. The relocated driveway ramp shall have a minimum width of 6.0 m.

(f) The south walls on the 5th and 6th storeys shall be shifted to the south by up to an additional 1.488 m and 2.245 m respectively and the terraces adjacent to those walls shall have maximum depths of 2.25 m, all as shown on Section A, Section B and Section C attached to these Minutes of Settlement.

(g) The south, east and west walls on the 7th storey shall be revised as shown on the Floor 07 Plan attached to these Minutes of Settlement and a terrace shall be permitted to the south of the relocated south wall having a maximum depth of 3.238 m.

(h) The mid-rise building shall contain a minimum of 1.0 m² of indoor residential amenity space for each dwelling unit which is located in the mid-rise building, which space may include lounge space and guest suite(s). No outdoor residential amenity space shall be required for the mid-rise building.

(i) The transformer shall be shifted north, to be located adjacent to the south west corner of the mid-rise building as shown on the Ground Floor Plan attached to these Minutes of Settlement.

(j) The south and north side facades shall be constructed substantially in accordance with the style and materials indicated on the South Elevation drawing A3.3, the North Elevation drawing A3.1, the West Elevation drawing A3.4 and the East Elevation drawing A3.2 attached to these Minutes of Settlement.

(k) The replacement house at 116 Durie Street will be reduced in width and extended in length and shall have a minimum north setback of 0.6 m, a minimum south setback of 0.9 m and a minimum rear setback of 7.5 m.

(l) There shall be no indoor or outdoor residential amenity space provided at 116 Durie Street to serve the mid-rise building.

(m) There shall be a maximum of 4 dwelling units in the replacement house at 116 Durie Street.

(n) There shall be no underground parking provided below 116 Durie Street.

2114 Bloor Open House April 9th

2114 Bloor is scheduled for an OMB pre-hearing. Since the appeal, Councillor Doucette has restarted the Working Group process and several meetings have occurred. On March 12, 2015 North Drive Investments submitted revised plans.

Councillor Doucette will be hosting an open house for 2114 Bloor Street West to review their latest proposal. The building is scheduled for April 14th community council (agenda item EY5.2). From the agenda item: “Since the appeal, the applicant submitted revised plans as a formal settlement offer on March 12, 2015.  The proposed development was modified to reduce the building height to nine floors and the number of dwelling units from 110 to 78.  Modifications to the built form of the building were introduced by the revised proposal that will be assessed in the forthcoming Request for Direction report.  The settlement offer was made conditional on City Council acceptance; otherwise the appeal of the application would revert back to the original proposal.”

Please come out to the open house to see the revised proposal and hear the changes the 2214 Bloor Working Group has worked through.

Date: Thursday, April 9th
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm
Location: Humberside Montessori at 121 Kennedy Ave – just south of Bloor

2265 Bloor Settlement Proposal to OMB

There is a proposed settlement for 2265 Bloor that was approved by all parties, including city council today. The Minutes of Settlement have been shared with participants including revised drawing attachments are available here. Schedule A in the minutes of settlement summarize all of the changes achieved through the mediation process. You can also review 2265 Bloor Revised Plans.

Here is the update from Councillor Doucette on 2265 Bloor Street West:

Over 100 people attended the Ontario Municipal Board pre-hearing this January in opposition to the previous application, and I have heard from many of you about your concern. I was able to convince my City Council colleagues that supporting a community-involved, collaborative process was the best approach, and representatives of the Bloor West Village Residents’ Association, Swansea Area Ratepayers’ Association, the City Solicitor, and the applicant entered into a mediation process. After countless hours of work, a Settlement Proposal was agreed upon, and was approved unanimously today (April 2nd) at City Council.

Amongst other changes, the building is shorter, the pedestrian feel on Bloor will be better, the number of parking spaces have been reduced, and there is no commercial penetration into the stable residential neighbourhood to the south. The revised plans are attached here and the Minutes of Settlement, which describe the settlement, will be shared with all OMB Participants by the applicant today or tomorrow.

The next step is for the Parties to attend the OMB hearing to bring this settlement to ask for it to be approved. It is a public meeting; if you would like to attend the hearing on Tuesday, you are welcome to do so, and if you are a participant and would like to speak against the settlement, you can also bring your evidence in opposition. The hearing will be April 7 at 10:00 am at the office of the OMB at 655 Bay Street, Suite 1500.

Many thanks to the efforts of the residents’ associations and neighbours who raised funds and dedicated many hours toward better neighbourhood building.